About Me

Who I am as a designer

I value clean, approachable, user-friendly designs that deliver my clients’ message and vision, directly and intuitively.

Whether a project is large or small, function is at the core of all my work. My main interest lies in print media but I am also experienced in designing for the web, social media, and packaging. 

What I can bring to your organization

I am a visual communicator focused on brand identity and accessibility of the client’s message through eye-catching, unique, modern design. I am on trend with the world of design, art and culture in order to create a fresh and modern aesthetic, although I see problem solving and creative thinking as my biggest assets. My passion lies in the small details of font, kerning and page layout.

I aspire to work with organizations with some heart and soul, whose mission is clear and whose projects promote community engagement. Working with many different clients over the past five years has taught me the value of clear and concise communication — a skill I bring to the table with every client interaction.