Big Night Out

Full development of branding and deliverables for the Centre Wellington “Big Brothers Big Sisters”.  A youthful, but Valentine’s Day themed Gala fundraiser, including deliverables, as below: Logo, Save the Date, Ticket as well as program guides and sponsor packages.

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MOVE | Coaching & Training

Inception, naming, branding and marketing project for my brother’s new business venture. The aspiring entrepreneur, personal trainer and basketball coach is a part of an Ontario youth summer business program and was in need of a name and brand for his newest project. MOVE – seemed to perfectly fit – and the colours I brought in are meant to be used playfully, mixed and matched for all of his future marketing.

Success? The logo has been so popular that tshirt requests and orders have been placed by total strangers, and plans to expand the line are underway.

Vital Signs

This fall I had the opportunity to work with the Community Foundation of Centre Wellington to put together their Vital Signs Report for 2015. Vital Signs reports are released all across Canada each year, starting in Toronto in 2001, the reports endeavour to take the pulse of a community based on relevant indicators. The Centre Wellington Community Foundation hired me to breath graphic solutions into the data they had collected. I wanted to create a fresh solution for the report, and bring in very clean graphics to capture reader attention while not detracting from crucial indicators.

The report examined three major areas of interest: Arts & Culture, Belonging & Leadership, and The Gap Between Rich & Poor. Each section was given it’s own two-page spread, allowing readers to take in each section independently. I brought in crisp colour division using a soft pallet that gave me the range to highlight important pieces from each section. Fonts were kept crisp and modern, giving weight to points using larger or bold text. I loved having the chance to work on a piece of work for a community group, it felt great to see my work in the hands of community stakeholders who will go on to use the work for positive change in the area.

Such a fun project, great collaboration between an important community group, great project manager, community stakeholders and citizens. Hopefully the first of many reports to come! Well done Centre Wellington!